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Maybe …

The Red Sox beat Anaheim and the Yankees lose 22-0 (!) to Cleveland …

[Imitating rasta patois] Maybe, mon, Jah doesn't hate us after all?


Maybe Jah is bogarting the heavenly spliff and deciding to chill the shit out with all the Red Sox fan ass kicking from on high?


Maybe Manny Rock Steady Ramirez has been sent by Jah to step out da sins dem ours, sight?


Maybe you'll start taking normal again?


Maybe. [Laughs, returns to normal] But it sure does feel like we're stepping into Zion.


It's September 1st and the Red Sox are the hottest team in baseball. I want to curl up into a little ball and purr.



Dear H.B.,
What the fuck? Please take time to explain to your Utah reading base excatly who or what is Rasta Patois? Who is Mon Jah? How do you Bogart the heavenly stuff? I have often wanted to "step out da sin dem ours" but I just can't seem to get the hang it. Please give instructions. Thanks and rock on..........Voo

Yeah, sorry, Susan is all jacked up this morning.

Actually got the idea for the whole Regga/Rastafarian thing stuck in my head after being in traffic yesterday behind a car that was all decked out with the rasta man theme. Bumper stickers with "Jah Saves" and "Legalize It" and the like and this got me all reaching for the reggae playlist on my iPod...

Here a link to a rasta patois dictionary.

Susan and Bill are making me nervous. Shouldn't we just be quietly smiling on the inside? We're going to anger Jah. And then we're screwed.

What was better, the BoSox win or the 22-0 drubbing of the Indians by the mediocre Tribe? I'd have to say the latter. Does that make me a bad person?

Shhhhhh! Be verwy,verwy quiet; we'er hunting wabbits!! Choke back the excitement. We'll jinx'em. H.B., if Susan had relations w/ some of the Pawsox, do you think she messed w/ Crespo?

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