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Boozin' with Berman

The Red Sox clinched their second straight postseason spot with a 7-3 win over the Devil Rays …

In a group of Soxaholix, a woman speaks:
Hey, I know it's just the wildcard but after the morass that was May and June, we deserve a bit of the sparkily. [Everyone nods and takes a swig.]


Tara, explain to me before I get too tipsy how the wild card magic number went from 2 to 1?


If you look at he schedules of the three AL West contenders you find that 94 wins will lock … With the West clubs playing each other, only one could possibly reach 94 victories and that team would have to be the divisional winner … Home runs by Jesus, Manny, Tek, McCarty, and here we are.


A toast to Theo Epstein for his playoff saving late season trade.


Here here. And to the Red Sox for turning 56-46 and sinking into 94-62 with fortunes rising.


Should we feel guilty celebrating when the Yankees "barely acknowledged" a playoff clinch last week?


Fuck no, girlfriend! The Skankees have that wrinkled up pasty mean ol' white motherfucker breathing down their necks. They ain't allowed to have any fun. Massa Steinbrenner don't like no uppity players on his plantation. [Laughs]


Fo' shizzle my sizzle. Meanwhile, I'm getting so drunk I keep imagining I see Pedro on TV walking around with a dwarf.


That's fucked up. You been hitting the good chronic or what? Don't bogart that shit, now. Help a sister out. [Laughs]


No kidding. Mr. Nelson he calls him. I bettah slow down. This Moet's making me sweat.



how can there be no comments to todays post? sheesh. you rock, hart. got the giggle...

Thanks for the giggle.

There seems to be no rhyme or reason why some strips have more comments than others on any given day.

Total visits are actually way up today, too.

awesome strip today! Love the women and their yuppie ghetto slang...

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