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White Water Action

The Red Sox were off last night, but there's plenty to talk about …

What the fuck, was I totally asleep or what as this is the first I'm hearing of the Clemens thing.


Hell, yeah. You must have had your head stuck up your ass or maybe you were getting a boner watching men's water polo.


Hey, that shit's for real. You read about all the brutality that goes on under water?


Ah, no. Can't say I have.


It's nuts. Guys get bit and shit. Held under water until they can't breathe. And fucking people are worried about scuffing the ball cheating in baseball? This is some real illegal action.


Hot man on man action. Oh, joy. [Laughs] Caption this please!


Heh. ""Crest Whitening Strips -- official whitener of the US Water Polo team -- and remember, they're not just for teeth anymore."" [Both Laugh] Your turn.


How about letting our dear readers take a turn? Comments are open …



Love the strip, of course, but I can't believe that you spent 5 panels talking about water polo when you could have been cracking jokes about Rocket, Debbie, and their KKKKids ...

True. Could have. But the Rocket just always seems to be there. Water polo shots of one guy giving another guy a wedgie only come along every so often.

Couldn't resist. Though it may have turned out to be a dud as far as humor goes.

Actually, I guess, in keeping with the theme of the strip, I kinda pictured you lampooning the way anything Rocket-related immediately becomes a powderkeg in Sox Nation. Last night, on nothing more than a Bob Lobel 6:00 news rumor that was 99.9% grist, the SoSH thread about this story immediately became less a discussion of whether he could help us, and what would be a reasonable price, than the 1000th rehashing of history between the "He's the anti-christ, and he coasted his last 3 years in Boston" camp and the "You guys gotta get over it, he's the best pitcher in franchise history, and he was screwed by that evil Duke" camp.

Yeah, that would of worked. The problem is, like the character Mike, I only first heard of this Clemens thing at 5 am this morning believe it or not. Yes, I've had my head up my ass.

Actually, been really busy with other work related tasks. Had planned, really, to go with "Lisa the temp" today and no strip, then laying in bed I thought of the water polo thing and thought that'd be better than nothing. Worked the Clemens ref in last minute, literally, to give some Red Sox context. But again, I was caught blind by this one.

Hey, no problem, I've been there. I liked the water polo stuff too...although Lisa the Temp would have given me a chance to throw out a gratuitous "I'd hit it..."

The chances of Clemens coming here are the same as Michael Jackson having never sucked off a 4 year old. And speaking of Clemens underdeveloped mind, if MJ were to chug his chowder, would that warrant molestation? Who would have a better case? Would Michael's defense cop a plea that if was a man, it can't be pedophelia? Would the prosecution show tapes of Roger, 1 on 1 with a shrink totally unable to do 2nd grade flash cards? How would you like to be on a jury of 6 Sox fans and 6 lovers of Calvin Klien underwear ads.

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