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"The breadth of my penis."

The Red Sox sweep Chicago and their hot streak continues …

When's the last time you've seen back-to-back homeroni's to regain a lead?


Un-fucking-believable. Not only back to backs but first pitch meatballs ass well! Manny and Ortizle: the most lethal 1-2 punch in baseball these days … they rank first and second in the American League in home runs, slugging percentage and extra-base hits.


Hey, A-Rod and Sheffield … How's that sloppy seconds working out for you?


And what about that first inning gem by Mint to rob that whacko Jurassic Carl of a base hit? Theo's trade is looking better every day.


Yeah, Timlin says the Yankees have always been in his sites … screw the mild card, the dude wants to win the AL East.


Can you fucking believe we can say five and half back and AL East lead in the same sentence? Are you happy or what?


Yeah, I'm so happy today I wanted to say to my Dunkin' Donuts register person that my penis was broad. "My dick is broad" I would say, or "Do you understand how broad my cock is?" Maybe simply, "The breadth of my penis."


And, at five and a half back, your register person would understand that there are times when ambiguity is not a failure to tend to a specific concern, but rather, is an articulation of the limits of concern.


Fuck, yeah, they would. It's gangbang weathah again!


Author's Notes
The 'penis is broad' theme is taken from the September 10, 1996 entry is Letters to Wendy's.


OOH...this strip is a wee bit dark..

Hell yes A-frod loves those sloppy seconds!! He has'em every time its his turn to go down on Torre. I bet he lets Jeter go first.

Hell yes A-frod loves those sloppy seconds!! He has'em every time its his turn to down on Torre.

didn't mean to post that twice. computer problems

Manny and Papi are so fucking awesome that I was in no way surprised by the back-to-back longballs. I actually EXPECTED it. That's so fucked up.

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