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No long faces these days

The Red Sox sweep the Tigers and are playing their best baseball of the season. The Soxaholix are cautiously optimistic …

A six game win streak. 4 and ½ in back of the Spanks. I'm so happy I've gone alexic … I can't even read my own fucking thought bubbles.


Can you believe the only thing separating the Sox and the motherfucking Yankees are the goddamn teabaggers from Baltimore?


Schilling says we are coming into the "biggest nine games of the year." Anaheim and Texas at home, Oakland on the Left Coast.


Hey, remember all the stat head numbers geeks saying the Sox weren't going to be much because everyone had so called career years last season?


Fuck yeah. It was statistical anomaly this and normal distribution that …


Ah, no need for long faces, stats dudes. We all make mistakes.



Stat heads and more specifically BP's PECOTA have anticipated this version of the Sox all year.

Just sayin'...

Good point. I shouldn't lump all the stat heads together, though it makes for better fun if I do. (Facts just get in the way. :)

Stats? I got a stat. This team kicks ass. Bring on Lackey and the Angels.

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