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No blue period, Pablo

The Red Sox win streak comes to an end as the team loses 3 zip facing a very impressive Ted Lilly of the Blue Jays …

Wonder if Millar will be talking about how many games back of the Yankees they are, or if Timlin will talk about how the old Yankees pitching staff is going to have problems again? Fucking Red Sox.


Oh, so you're one of those fans whom Horrigan, thinking he's so fucking clever, compares to Munch's painting "The Scream"? Is this loss really "shocking"?


"Lilly Picasso?" Give me a break. The offense was dead as that fucked up dude lying at the bottom of Pablo's Guernica painting.


The team just won 6 straight? You seriously think they'll win every one?


Hey, it's like Tek said in his mailbag. "The fans here want players who grind it out in the good and the bad times".


That goes for the fans, too, Doug. Grind it out through thick and thin instead of getting your little, and I do mean little, Calvin Klein briefs all bunched up. [Laughs]


Whatev. I stand by my sentiments.


You are soft. If you suffer at this, think how you'd feel among the lettuce pickers of Salinas? Buck the fuck up, dude.


Author's Notes
The lettuce picker's line comes from Bukowski's "the meek have inherited" poem in the collection Love Is a Dog from Hell.


Don't let this place become Dirt Dogs in Comic Strip form. This place is better, or at least different, than that.

Lilly was spectacular last night.

Agree totally. Indeed, today's strip was meant to make the distinction. I had "Doug" playing the DirtDog role with Susan taking the opposite tact. I wanted it to be clear that Susan's attitude was the preferred one, but maybe I didn't do that so well?

I got what you were going for, h.b. (And I couldn't agree more.) Lilly was indeed The Shit last night, and there's not much more you can do than tip your cap and move on.

I think everyone got a little too excited about the possibilities of catching "The-Team-That-Will-Not-Be-Named". Nice strip today.

Great strip today, hb. Lilly had nasty, nasty stuff last night. Let's just look to Wake tonight with his fluttering knuckler.

Don't get me wrong. This place rocks. I just thought Doug's was the prevailing voice in the strip.

Keep up the creative and thoughtful work.

Doug obviously didn't see Ortiz sprinting down the line trying to beat the throw in the last inning B)

great strip today. they wern't going to win every game the rest of the way. fugetaboutit and move on with the Wake.

Doug is meant to be the most fair weather of the Soxaholix. Also he's positioned to be the "pain in the ass" sort of guy, the kind who'll argue and take the other side just for the sake of it.

I probably haven't done a good enough job making each of the characters distinct with regard to personality. That is proving to be the most difficult aspect of the strip. Over time I hope I get a better handle on it.

BTW thanks so much for all the comments. It's only by hearing directly from you that I can tell what's working and what's not.

I wanted to say I enjoy the site. I got turned on to it by folks from redsoxnation.net. Keep up the good work in a sane alternative to the muck rakers.

Seeing as how I am Redsox fan in Houston, I don't get the satisfaction of seeing most of their games on t.v.. Just thank your stars that u don't have to suffer the multitude of games from the shit-holer Astros.

hb, Is it possible for us to at some point be exposed to the size of Susan's breasts? Her combined baseball knowledge, love for the Sox ans acerbic nature could only be enhanced by a nice pair of tits. Just thinking.....

Susan is right fit. (But my god doesn't she just know it.)

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