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Like Father Like Son

While Nomargate (You lied! No, you lied continues, the Red Sox went out and had a great win over the D-Rays behind a complete game performance from Curt Schilling …

If it wasn't for Curt Schilling, they'd have me on a suicide watch right about now.


Curt Schilling is the motherfucking man because he, in his own words, "wants to be part of the cure instead of the problem."


Meanwhile, are we going to have to call in Ken Starr to find out what the meaning of "is" is with Nomar, Tellem, Henry and the rest? For fuck's sake, can we fucking move on now? Nomar, please shut your fucking pie hole and get over yourself. The former number 5 does protest too much methinks.


Speaking of former players who are, how shall we say it, careless with the truth, have you heard that Clemens now demands an apology for the Little League incident?


Get the fuck out! The dude spits sunflower seeds on an umpire's leg to protest a call against his son in Little League and now he wants an apology?


Yeah, Sprocket says none of it is true. Suggests we should "know him better than that." [Laughs]


Ah, the irony! The guy who always blames others for his misfortunes, be it John McNamara, Terry Cooney, Dan Duquette, or Mike Piazza, and who has a bit of an anger management problem now expects us to believe his side of the story?


Sorta like how we all believed he was retiring last year? What a douche bag.


From the Roger Clemens guide to teaching your kid about baseball: Spit on umps. Check. Blame others. Check. Wear Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle shoelaces and eye black then when the ump doesn't give you the strike zone you want, unload a cuss laced stream of vindicative upon him, get ejected, smash a water cooler and threaten a fan as you depart, advanced lesson, will teach to K-K-Kacy in Babe Ruth League. The Art of Lying, ongoing lesson, always room to improve. [Laughs]


Christ, wait 'til fucking Nomar has kids. He can teach them all about looking unhappy and sitting forlorn on the dugout while the kids' team mates are all on their feet cheering a rally on.



be it Terry Cooney, Mike Piazza, or Dan Duquette

what about McNamara?

Great point!!

I've added McNamara. Thanks.

What if Nomar signs with the Yankees? Would we be allowed to chant "Jeter's Better" when he comes back to Fenway?

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