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Kick those legs!

The Red Sox lose Sunday to Chicago thereby sadly losing the three game home series as well …

I hate losing to the hog butchers.


Don't you love the excitement of a 3 way race for the illegitimate child card?


Abso-fucking-lutely. And I love this offseason bullpen weakness plugging. No more giving away games in the late innings. Fuck no. Theo's built a mofo juggernaut in Embree and Timlin.


If this shit keeps up I'm going to have to pretend I actually give a shit about the dopers and bizarre sport freaks at the O-dink-ics.


Fuck Yankees Red Sox. Give me the rivalry of Ian Thorpe and Michael Phelps any day!


Whoo-hoo! Swimming! Kick those legs harder motherfucker. I'm on the edge of my seat for that shit.


Hey, Bob Costas, I've got Just for Men on the phone wanting to know if you want a bulk discount on their hair coloring you phony little shit. [Laughs]



Thank Christ Dale Sveum isn't a traffic cop.

Raise your hand if you'd rather watch "women" play handball than watch our bullpen for one more inning. I hate this team.

I don't know. Those badminton volleys can get rather heated.

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