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Ever play second?

The Red Sox open the final series of their 10 game homestand with a win over Toronto …

Did Francona really say to Mint regarding playing second, "if you can do it for an inning or two, why not a full game"?


Why not? We've got a guy in the White House with a dubious record of National Guard service now landing on aircraft carriers and strutting around like he's the second coming of Sun Tzu … and we've got the dweeb who wants to replace him saluting everyone he meets and saying 5 months in Viet Nam makes him the next U.S. Grant.


Good point. It's like that TV commercial except for real. You know, "Hey, Francona, you ever manage a team to a World Series?" "No, but I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night." [Laughs]


And the boy toy Mientkiewicz popped back up like the hero he is. Bestill my lusty heart. [Laughs]



I almost have some respect for DLowe after he mercilessly popped that bitch Delgado in the buttock. Almost.

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