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Et tu, Belhornus?

The Red Sox beat the Devil Rays but we learn Mark Belhorn has a fractured left thumb …

Another day, another Red Sox player goes down to injury.


All hail Ceasar Crespo! [Laughs]


Guess we'll see how Theo's "the problem is the defense" hypothesis holds up.


On the bright side, at least we get to see Youkilis every day again. Nice first pitch swinging double last night.


On the dark side, the team still seems so fucking lifeless. At times, suddenly I understand old men in rockers, bats in Colorado caves, tiny lice crawling into the eyes of dead birds.


No shit. This whole season has been like being a horny 'Bama belle whose vibrator has been just been confiscated. Can't get no fucking relief.


Author's Notes
Mike's speech beginning with "old men in rockers" comes from a verse in the Bukowski poem "grass."


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