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Damn, meddling kids

The Red Sox were off on Monday and start an important series with AL wild card contenders the Angels …

"Good morning, Angels. It's your unseen pervert Svengali, Charley here. Just want to tell you ladies it's time for your 10 game win streak to come to a close."


Let's hope so. That little shit Eckstein is killing us. He's a ridiculous 15-for-26 against the Sox this season, a .577 average.


Hey, why can't we get players like that. Speaking of, I was up in Eckstein's old stomping grounds last night watching the Youk's rehab.


McCarty, too, right? How'd they look.


I love LeLacheur. Wish I woulda thought to go. Fuck.


What were you too busy in a puppy pile at a cuddle party you fucking fruit loop? [Laughs] The Spinners rule.


Best fucking logo in "A" Ball.


You mean the original one, right? Agree totally. But you know they went and fucked it up with an "Alternate Logo"?


Ah, that sucks, man. Is that to make it more kid friendly or some such shit?


Who the fuck knows. But if so, what the fuck is wrong with kids? Baseball itself isn't enough of a draw? You have to a grinning lizard to get your pip squeak little ritalin addicted ass focused?


No, shit. If our generation is having to resort to cuddle parties because of a "touch deficit," what the fuck are the kids today gonna be like?


Yeah, big time mess. These kids can't even get Halloween straight for fuck's sake.



I live in Lowell and my parents are big-time Spinners fans. I've been to a few of their games, but now their tickets are as hard to get as the ones for the big club. We all agree, though, that the new-school Canalligator SUCKS.

So that's what they're calling it? The Canalligator? Fercrissakes...

BTW, the character "Doug" grew up in Lowell.

That Canalligator looks like the anchor man of a reptilian circle jerk.

I dunno, I think "Doug's" a poseur, cause if he really knew about the Spinners, he'd have mentioned the Dog Man. :)

Oh, Doug's a definite poseur. But so was that other dude from Lowell, Keroauc. :)

Does Doug get his ass kicked a lot?

He's been known to take a whooping. But he can dish it, too. He's from a blue collar French Canadian family, so his older siblings and cousins, some of whom are now in jail for various offenses, taught him some street smarts.

Who came up with the name for this park? Isn't "LeLacheur" something to do with a French derived method of child birth? Although Doug will never find that out.(unless making bowel babies somehow counts.) Putting a nice park like this in Lowell is like getting breast implants for your grandmother. How far away is the Paul Tsongas Memorial crack house? Lowell is Chelsea with a 978 area code.

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