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Another one runner

The Red Sox win another one run game beating the Blue Jays 5-4 …

Let me get this straight: the Sox have one their last 3 one run games and 4 of their last 7?


And the former Manchurian Candidate, Ramiro Mendoza is being described as a "weapon" by none other than Foulke?


Even Terry Francona Crotch is acting like he's been taking smart pills, deciding to let Tek start the 3 game suspension in Toronto since backup catcher Doug Mirabelli had experienced success at SkyDome in the past and did so again with that go ahead 3 run-a-roni? Fuck yeah.


Only thing this team is lacking is Sharon Davies doing post game interviews.


Don't let Nanny Powell of the FCC hear you say that. He'll be down here hot saucing your 1st Amendment mouth, boy. [Laughs]



I thought for sure that there would a little love for Timlin in your strip today. Damn, that's harsh.

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