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A restless fandom awaits

The Red Sox end a 6-5 road trip with consecutive wins and find themselves in a 3-way tie for the Wild Card…

Bienvenidos, Señor Ortiz! Two runs in his first game back on Saturday and three more yesterday with a three-run homer …


And the Ortizzle leads the Sox with 98 ribbies and is only two behind league leader Tejada. Let's just not throw any more temper tantrums, big guy. [Chortles]


Back to [coughs] friendly fucking Fenway for 20 of the next 26. [Snickers]


Uh, yeah, bitches. I'm scrutinizing the mother out of your homestand homely asses. Don't ruin the rest of my fucking summah. [Both laugh]


Fucking-A right, don't fucking have me mothballing my "Battling Evil" t-shirt come Labor Day.


[Laughs] And get Manny on some bad ass pharmaceutical dope. What the fuck is wrong with this country anyway? We can cure sad old man limp dickness with not just one but several competing pills but there's jack shit for a sore throat? Priorities people. Fucking priorities here.



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