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Cookin' With Millar

The Red Sox clobber Tampa Bay (like they are supposed to) and everyone breaths a wee bit easier …

So Kapler was right after the opening homestand loss to Tampa Bay. They did take the next two. Thank your favorite supreme being for small miracles.


No shit. And apologies are due to Kevin KFC Millar.


Four for four and a 3 run homer. Lovin' it.


You've gotta KFC what's cookin' with Millar. Fucking-A-right. No more kicking that dude around like a chicken in West Virginia.


Now if only Manny could fully recover from his avian


The canard is a canard! Were you hoaxed by a hoax buster?

Near the bottom of the http://www.snopes.com/lost/kfc.htm page, click on the link for "More Information About This Page" and you'll discover that Kentucky is not to blame for the name change to KFC.

Yes! I was duped. Altered Mike's final speech to reflect update. Thanks!

You,H.B., are a plethora of entertainment and information. May you live long.

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