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Thank God and Greyhound They're Gone

Stop me if you've heard this one before: Red Sox lose an extra-inning heartbreaker in NY …

Say what you will, but that was one of the most exciting ball games I've ever seen. Heroics by hitters, heroics by pitchers, heroics by fielders, managing, maneuvering, you name it.


Of course, Shaughnessy says that just to twist fate's fucking knife in our backs.


Yeah, it's like having a guy you've never been too chummy with coming up to you and saying, "Man, I saw your girlfriend yesterday and she is just so hot. You're a lucky guy." And you're all innocent and shit asking, "Thanks, dude, where'd you run into my sweetie?" And the fucker's all nonchalant and shit, "She was standing outside the Sleepy Hollow Motel with your best friend, Jimmy. Cool how close you three are." … Cocksucker.


[Laughs] No shit. And speaking of relationships gone bad, I can't help but hope there's truth in this latest SoSH thread rumor about Nomar going to the Dodgers.


Yeah, I love Nomar but ever since the A-Rod thing in December, everything's been fucked up for player and fan alike.


Abso-fucking-lutely. It's like one partner in a relationship getting caught in bed with someone else and you try to forgive and make it work for a couple of months but you both know it's a facade … it's ovah.


I know the Braves are the adopted team of the South and all, but I tell ya, it's the Red Sox who have all the material for a killer country music song.


Fuck song! It's a fucking country music double-album. [Laughs]


[sings a wicked twang] Dear Red Sox, I've Got Tears in My Ears From Lying on My Back in My Bed Cryin' Over You …


[Laughs] When You Leave, Walk Out Backwards So I'll Think You're Walking In …



Once again, thanks for the link! I also think the Cars could do a pretty good album about the Red Sox. :-)

A Cars album about the Sox sounds great! Didn't they already sing about their LOB stats - "Whose gonna drive you home tonight?"

re The Cars,

I guess seeing how the Sox don't play small ball, then the "Touch and Go" song is out.

What's in, "Life's insane, I'm moving in stereo..."

Or "Shake it up?"

G. Little claimed to be a friend of Francoma's in the Globe today; can Little please call his friend and instruct him on the hit and run, and sacrifice bunts and fly?

The last time I have seen so few sacrifices is a little league game, when you can't count on little Johnny making contact.

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