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Selling sea shells at the seashore

As the days run away like wild horses …

Lisa the Temp:
Hello, I'm Lisa the Temp here to tell you The Soxaholix are on vacation.


Lisa the Temp:
They say they'll return in all their craptastic glory on Monday, July 26th.


Lisa the Temp:
Meanwhile, I'm stuck here with this piece of shit computer. I know retro is in and all, but what the fuck?


Lisa the Temp:
No problem. I'm used it. Temps get no respect, no fucking respect at all.


Lisa the Temp:
I was told I'm supposed to end by saying something about the Red Sox, but screw that. I don't even like baseball. Stupid boring ass game, all that spitting and crotch grabbing like a bunch of overpaid monkeys. [Laughs]



Lisa The Temp? WTF? If I'm at work, then you're at work, capiche? I need my Soxaholix fix - I hope you get sunburnt.

Eh......I'd hit it.

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