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No Tears (For Now)

The holiday weekend was tough on Sox fans, as they club continued to find itself, taking only 1 of 3 from a mediocre Atlanta team …

Well, I suppose the days were made to be wasted … the years and the loves were made to be wasted … [phone rings]


Dude, cheer the fuck up. We can't cry, and it helps to laugh — it's like letting out dreams, ideals, poisons …


Fuck, you're right. Christ should have laughed on the cross, it would have petrified his killers … [Laughs]


Now you're talking. These next ten games, all against those who'd usurp the wild card crown, will be a good litmus


Yeah, and at least now the Sox are not all sugarcoating the problem anymore, no more feel our pain bullshit.


Big fucking whoop. Did you hear that 60% of American teens have never fucking heard of Canada? [Laughs]


Author's Notes
The first three speeches, uttered by both characters, are taken word for word from stanza's in the Charles Bukowski poem "the way" from the collection Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame


Screw the Canucks. I can't help but notice Montreal and Toronto are at the bottom of their respective divisions. Of course, Montreal is a fun town for the Boston 18 year old.

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