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My nerves are hampered by history

The Red Sox start an important home stand with an impressive win over the A's, 11-0 …

11 runs on 17 hits! Does this team like home cooking or what?


Er … except when the next night's chow comes along and they'ah all doubled over motherfucking puking like the Exorcist bitch all over Yawkey Way [Laughs]


Always the cocksucking cynic, eh?


Hey, I'm as happy go fucky as the next dink, but I need a good ol' 8 of their last 10 or 12 of their last 15 win streak before I get another hard on for this club.


Well, as Bob "I’d really like to smack her!" Ryan sees it, the Red Sox have 81 games remaining in which to play the kind of baseball they were supposed to play.


Another 81 to go? Fuck. My nerves are hampered by history … dizzied by the days the beatings the years …



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