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Hysterical pregnancy

The Sox do it a second night in the row, hammering the Athletic's for an 11-3 victory, but, wait, there's more …

For fuck's sake I don't know where to start …


Ah, motherfucking whimsy how I love thee. Things are so good I'm paradoxically happy that the great Ortizzle is hitless in five at-bats and is now 0 for his last 18. … No, worries, save that David-O big mojo for a crucial clutch crack.


Did you read Dirt Dogs yet?


Have I read it? Have I read it? For chrissakes, I've married that rumor. I've consummated that rumor, taken it deep inside me … I now wait on life like a pregnancy.


You don't fear a second miscarriage?


Hey, what happened with A-Rod wasn't a miscarriage, it was a forced abortion at the hands of Gene Baby Killer Orza. You better fucking believe it.


I'll start planning the baby shower then. And fuck that Tea Party theme shit the pregos are so fond of. This swanky shower shall be themed the Mullet. [Laughs]



Pure fuckin genius.
Esp. the whimsy line.

no, no, no, no!! hush hush hush!!

don't talk about it!!


I'm not thinking about it... I'm not thinking about it... I'm not going to let it consume my summer like it did my winter... I'm not thinking about it... I'm not.....

I almost had the characters going with the "I'm not thinking about it..." kind of tone mentioned above, but then said, ah, screw it, there's no way you can't think about it.

Hell, I've been thinking about it before I was thinking about it :)

Good to see you giving some product placement love to Emily and Chris...I managed to get one of their "Battling Evil" tees, and I think it's pure genius.

Glad to see the Sox playing better, but they need to keep it going over the next couple weeks to give me a decent confidence level that they'll grab the Wild Card.

The bad news: The Sox aren't getting Big Unit
The good news: Neither are the MFYs

I suspect if he goes anywhere, it'll be Anaheim.

Godot will be here before the Unit.

Screw franchise, I want a World Series win this year. If we get RJ, I may have to start going back to Mass.

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