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Help Wanted: Lip Reader

The Sox lose 6-5 the final game with the Rangers , but going into the All Star Break their are reasons for optimism …

Tough loss yesterday … really wanted the back to back sweep going into the All Star Break, still I'll take 5 of 6 home stand.


Yeah, but what that forgets is it'd be just our fucking luck that this year it takes 100 wins to take the wildcard. [Laughs]


Meanwhile, with the All Star Break we've got three days to work ourselves into a typical maniacal tizzy over motherfucking minutia. [Laughs]


Yeah, I can't believe the Dawg isn't yet all over this Manny needs to rest his hammy story.


What do you think Schilling was saying to Manny in that pregame finger wag in the outfield NESN caught on tape?


That's the bad ass burning question. Cafardo writes that "we'll never know what was being said unless we hire a lip-reader."


Yeah, heaven fucking forbid a major newspaper actually does something innovative, some good old raking of the muck to bring us the news.


Shit yeah. Where's the stinking tabloids when you motherfucking need 'em?


No shit. Why the fuck is it easier to find out how Britney Spears clips her skanky bush than it is to find out what the fuck Schilling said to Manny? Where's our mofo Woodward? Where's our mofo Bernstein?



Yeah, and it's not like "Jeb" is the only name of a leader of a foreign state he knows...

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