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Help is on the way

After a craptastic loss to Baltimore, the Red Sox had an off day while the Soxaholix had some technical difficulties …

What the hell happened yesterday? I fight my way through the madding crowd to get to work only to find some burly, steel jawed man in black telling me I can't enter the office?


Beats the fuck out of me. All I can get out of ol' man Scrivener is it had something to do with the accounting department and windows.


Fucking bean counters, though I enjoyed getting the free fuck off all day.


Meanwhile, doctor fucking Watson has similarly given several Red Sox some time away from work, eh?


Sucks but there's something to be said for having the phrase "suspended for inciting a bench-clearing incident and fighting" in your employee file.


In V-Tek's case sure. But what the fuck did Kapler do to deserve it? Well, besides beating the crap out of Sturtze after the camera cut away? [Laughs]


Guess Gabe didn't get the fucking memo about never being asked to fight a war without a plan to win the peace. [Laughs]



I'm a female bartender from Texas and a huge Red Sox fan. I just wanted to share the joy I feel on my way to work every day.I work at a pub named Cheers,and across the street is a funeral home named Jeter!! Die Yankee bastards!

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