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Fantasize a little

Last night's game defined the phrase "nail biter" as the Sox squandered a 7-1 lead and had to rely on 10th inning heroics, notably some bad ass base running from the humble hippie …

Holy mother of Jesus that was a pissah … I'm spent but could go again that's how satisfying a win that was.


Schilling says it was "probably a better way to win than going out and winning, 7-0," and I think he's right.


How can those fuck wad politicos even dare discuss who among them has the better hair when on this sweet earth Johnny Damon walks …


You mean when Johnny Damon runsRun, Johnny, Run. See Johnny run quick as a swift brown fox … and by fox I mean fox like a man, like fur zippersbeercans and the sweet hair of groaning … I want to make Johnny babies, be Magdalene to his Jesus …


Please stop before I have to report you for creating a hostile fucking sexed up working environment. [Laughs] Speaking of, I'm now going to have to remove Jessica Alba from my masturbatory lineup. The bitch is humping Jetah.


That beady eyed shit is getting the Honey? What fucking evah. Dark Angel can have him. The pinstriped prick is but another who doesn't pass my oxygen test. [Laughs]


How come the Red Sox nevah date the hot bitches?


Well, there's Nomar and Mia.


Oh, for fuck's sake. No offense but kissing Mia would be like kissing your own sister … she's a role model for young women, but not a roll model for blueballed, acne pocked teenage boys popping an errant throbbah. [Laughs]


Well, let's get the motherfucking priorities straight. First the World Series bling bling, then pimp up da ho's and bitches.


Author's Notes
Circle's 'zipperbeercans' simile comes from the Lyn Lifshin poem "Nice"


After Damon dumped his wife, he has gone with some hotties.

Names links and pics, please. And non celebrity hotties don't count. Must be gossip column A-lst types. Unless they're strippers. Strippers always count. Where's big Mo when we need him.

I believe big Mo can be found on a regular basis at the Foxy Lady in Providence

You forgot the link! :)

Foxy Lady

I'd like to thank the Mass SJC for ruling in favor of gay marriage. Now I can fully pursue my hetero-crush of Johnny Damon to its inevitable conclusion.

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