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Double Jeopardy Round

It's getting to the point of no return, Sox lose again on a defensive error …

The Red Sox defensive difficulties have reached crisis proportions.


I'm still not pushing the panic button. Still think the season will come down to two short series in October. They just need to stay healthy. Doesn't mean I'm not seeking out alternative forms of entertainment at this point.


The Red Sox have become too painful to watch on a regular basis. You been following this freak on Jeopardy?


The Stormin' Mormon whose winnings now total $662,760? You bet your sweet ass I have. Have to taste victory somehow.


Nevah evah seen a dude run the board like this Ken Jennings does.


In every mofo category. Amazing.


I always thought it'd be cool if they had a Red Sox category. [Taking on smarmy Jeopardy contestant voice] "I'll take 'Sox Talk' for $600, Alex."


[Making Jeopardy sounds] Ding, Ding that's the Daily effin' Double, Circle. How much do you wish to wager.


Let it ride, Alex, the whole fucking pot Trebech.


For $1200 then and the lead: The reason most Red Sox fans cite for wanting to step on the third rail of a Green Line train.


What is bases loaded, no outs, and the lame ass hitters go three and out without bringing a single runner home?


Sad but, true. Sad but, true. Meanwhile I can't help but wonder …


[Interrupting] How many Red Sox fans rooting for this guy it'll take before the critical bad mojo point is reached and he goes down in flames?


[Laughs] Well, you know how it goes …



It's been a while...but does the Green Line have a third rail or overhead power?

Hey Ortiz, move your fucking feet when fielding a grounder. My 10 year old picked out your poor defensive fundamentals on the replay.

3rd rail while underground and overhead connect above ground. Don't want all those sparks shooting around in an underground platform. :)

Since there is a 3rd rail, watch for me around 12:30 in the Kenomre Square station. Last night was so ripe with suck-age that I'm ready to do the Pelham 1-2-3 tapdance.

I'm just glad it was Ortiz booting the ball and not Millar.

Is Jack McKeon available?

write this down: october's hero will be cesar crespo.

We have to come out and dominate the month of July. Forget the Yankees for now and focus on just playing baseball. Who knows where we may end up by October, but I know by then, we will be in it to win it.

My memory tells me the tracks are all at foot traffic level even in the underground stations. Overhead power all the way through.

Has this changed in the past 5 years?

P.S. Thanks for giving us something other than the baseball to talk about, Hart.

I bought a new car last night and wasn't the finance guy a Spankees fan... Argh!

I almost cried like a little sissy last night. I Tivoed the game and after the Spankees started scoring I stopped/deleted it. I knew it was a lost cause. What's Jim Rice doing nowadays? Maybe he can come in and hit a friggin' RBI with the bases loaded and no outs, even if he is in his 60s.

Isaac - way to be the optimist. I hope you are a prophet.

Hello to Willie J. in NYC (lifelong Sox fan), Dennis in Nashville and Rosie wherever you are.

I'm totally fucking flummoxed by this this Green Line no 3rd rail thing. I like to think I pay attention to what's around me.

Obviously, that is not the case.

Trust me, no third rail for any part of the Green Line, above or below ground. Dismayed Sox fans will have to opt for another T line if they want to step on a third rail.

Or you could just take the red line to Ashmont. That's pretty dangerous.

Plenty of third rails in the Bronx. Baked Apple anyone?

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