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"Decision 2004" (Blah blah blah)

The Red Sox take 2 of 3 from the Yankees and post A-Brawl everyone wonders if the team is finally ready to play up to expectations …

What a way to end a vacation, eh? A brawl and a walkoff on Saturday, then a Sunday night nail biter


No shit. I thought for sure all the celebrities in house last night would bring the jinx. Meanwhile, I know you trend toward the Anybody But Bush camp, but I tell you what, at least when W tosses out the ceremonial first pitch he fires a strike from the rubber and not some pansy ass can't reach the plate from the grass in front of the mound bullshit like the Pallbearer did last night. What the fuck is up with that? [Laughs]


So you've abandoned your "I'll base my Presidential vote strategy on who has the hottest daughters" to one of "I'll vote for whom throws a baseball better"? What are you, the lowbrow version of George Will or something? [Laughs]


Yo, I'm just sayin' … Why do I get the feeling Kerry's girly throw is an ominous metaphor for what his administration would be like. [Imitating Kerry's voice] "I voted to throw a strike before I voted to lob a lollipop off the grass." [Laughs]


Yeah, yeah, whatev. All I know is that with the motherfucking convention in town, I got frisked 5 times getting to the office this morning.


No shit. I haven't had my fucking balls fondled by so many different hands since I was last in Mexican whorehouse.


"No, officer, that's not a pistol in my pocket, I'm just happy to see the Wonkette." [Laughs]


Heh. Here's hoping the Red Sox pack some Stephanopoulos heat in Baltimore.



Thank God you're home...

I just wish Kerry's favorite player, Manny Ortez, had a better game in honor of the Senator.

he waffles on abortion, he waffles on iraq, he waffles on pete rose. you mean to tell me the only thing he's 100% sure about was taking pedro out in the 7th game of the acls ? which handler prepped him for THAT question ?

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