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Curse of the Enron

The American beat up on the Nationals in the 2004 All Star Game …

Being a vindictive, scurrilous, sonavabitch, seeing Roger Clemens go down in flames gives me great pleasure.


Yeah, Rocket Rog, how's that want to be 10 minutes from the ballpark, near my wife and kids, play for my hometown fans load of bullshit working out for you?


Let me say it real slowly for enjoyment: Six runs on five hits in his one inning of work, home runs to Ramirez and Alfonso Soriano …


The Curly Haired Boyfriend jokingly wonders if Clemens' arch enemy Piazza wasn't tipping the pitches from behind the mask.


For fuck's sake, the Shankette, of all people, should see a curse at work here … Ken Lay of Enron got that ballpark built on a hill of lies, fucking his employees over and pissing away their 401K's … Disingenuous, greedy, prick …


Sort of like Clemens saying all those years that it isn't about the money, all that rubbing the ass of the Babe statue before games, all that fraudulent farewell tour last season?


Abso-fucking-lutely. You can call it Minute Maid Field or Marry Poppins Park but it ain't gonna change a frickin' thing. It's a mofo black hole of bad karma. The Houston club will be 20 and a half out by Labor Day. Mark my words.


If so, what if Clemens asks out to return to the Bronx?


Whatev. Instant karma's already caught up to him. He's done. If Clemens suits up in pinstripes this year, it'll be the Yankees undoing. I shit you not. I'm so confident I actually want it to happen. [Laughs]


Thrice the brinded cat hath mewed. … Fire burn and cauldron bubble.



I'm very disappointed that after getting hammered, Roger didn't send chin music to the next three MFY hitters. We all know that when the going gets tough, Duh Rocket starts throwing at batters' heads! I was robbed of my constitutional right to see Jeter face-down in the batters' box. Either that, or he could have at least pulled another Ninja-turtle nutty like in the 1990 ALCS and gotten himself tossed!

It's nice...no, heartwarming...to see that Yankees & Red Sox fans actually do have something in common -- laughing at Roger Clemens' piss-poor, embarassing performance last night at the All-Star Game.

Love your site, BTW. It's hilarious stuff, even for a Yankee (oops, MFY) fan.

One of the things that I admired about Yankees fans is how, for the most part, they never bought into Clemens' crap while he was wearing the Pinstripes ... He was never a fan fave as near as I could tell.

Look at you two, Sox fan and MFY fan, coming together, holding hands, singing Kumbaiya and shit, all over Raja's meltdown. It's a beautiful thing [wipes tear].

He's a uniter, not a divider.

Botom line, thanks to Roggah, AL gets home field for the WS-Thanks again Rocket, ya big loosa

Poor Roger, What happened, did he have to carry his own luggage to the game?" By the way, who's the genius that sent the Unit a pail o' chowder? Look at him for Chrissakes, does he look like he'd eat chowder? Send him something he's use like a gun rack. Or an old Ted Nugent album.

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