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Wicked weird

The Red Sox open their home stand with a 9-2 win over the Twins …

Click the heals of your ruby slippers, boy, cuz there ain't no place like home!.


You've got that right Auntie Em.


And Nomar's slam? How 'bout them apples?


Yessa. This is the wicked lineup of the East we've been looking for.


No help down south from the Orioles, though. Bird turds gave up 13 mofo walks to the Spankees and two long balls to A-Fraud. Jeez.


Fuck the Orioles. They've become the interlopers of the A-L East.


While the Devil Rays, the Devil Rays?!?!?! 12 straight wins? What the fuck?


Never thought I'd be jealous of Tampa Bay. It feels weeeahd.


Yeah, being jealous of the D-Rays is like finding out that not only is your girlfriend a pre-op transsexual but also that "she" has a bigger dick than you as well. [Laughs]


Hey, stop reading my private fucking emails, will ya? [Laughs]



Nice, cathartic blowout win for the Sox. OTOH, they might as well just start playing Sinatra's "Noo Yawk, Noo Yawk" in Camden Yards to make Mazzilli and his "opponents" feel completely at home. I fully expect the MFYs to go 19-0 against their Bird-Bitches at this point. I only hope that the O's finish last, so that when Steinbrenner reneges on his deal with Mazz, nobody else will give him a manager position.

Tough getting in today, but well worth it! [LAUGHS] How many games up would we be if we had this line-up since April!?

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