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When in Lisbon …

It's a sweet morning for Red Sox fans as the club beat the Padres and have won 4 of their last 5 …

Was Nomie's wall shot sweet last night or what?


Fucking A right it was!


I thought I was ready but it was like thunder you hear on the phone when you're talking to someone where the storm is. You know it's coming moving east like most weather but you still wake up, startled, dazed.


Whoa, down girl. [Laughs] But aren't you worried about the strikeouts? The Sox have now struck out nine or more times in a game 25 times. Last season the Sox did it a total of 20 times.


You're fucking kidding me, right? After all the bearly fathomable good contained in last night's win, you're going to be a tool and bring up some errant stat just to be negative? Jeez.


I'm just sayin' …


Just sayin' what, that you're a total fucking loser? [Laughs] You know a good half, if not more, of Red Sox Nation could benefit from a little of that Portugese action.


No kidding. In Lisbon, no need to shoot the sherrif nor the motherfucking deputy. Ooh, ooh, oo-ooh.


Author's Notes
Circle's "I thought I was ready;" speech is from Lyn Lifshin's poem "You Come Up After So Much Time" from her collection Cold Comfort


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