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Mission Style

The Red Sox look sloppy and get beat 8-1 by the Padres …

Glad I waited through that motherfucking two and half hour rain delay to see the Sox offense explode on the Padres. [Laughs] What a long ass miserable night


Fittingly, the Padres had the Sox in missionary position for an all night hump fest.


On the bright side, nice to see Nomar back.


Sure, but you know the conventional wisdom though, "Enjoy watching Nomie while you can, Sox fans. These are the final days of Nomah in Boston"


Yeah, who needs rain to spoil your picnic when you've got the Curly Haired Boyfriend by your side. [Laughs]


See that the Tuna got his ass in hot water for his Jap Play comment.


Poor Tuna, he's not known for being sensitive. Remember when he referred to Terry Glenn as "she" in that press conference? Now that was a classic moment in New England sports history.


No shit. You know times are fucking tough when even Bill Parcells is going all pussy on us.


Fuck right. The old Tuna would have said, "The best way to counter the 'Jap Play' is with the 'A-Bomb.' Any more questions?" [Laughs]


Speaking of fucking bombs and nuclear winter, three and a half in back of the Bronx fucking Bombers and falling fast. Time to start making the booze and pain pill cocktail again.



dude, this was good one. thanks for the laugh.

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