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Madness comes out of the cupboard like a mouse

The Red Sox squander an early lead to the Angels and being their West Coast trip with a loss …

Before our very eyes Terry Francona is motherfucking morphing into Grady Let 'em Stay Little …


No shit. This isn't fucking funny anymore. Monday Lowe's bleeding like a witchy woman in a King novel and Terry Franconia Crotch leaves him on the mound to get pounded … Last night he lets a tired Arroyo face Vlad one of the best hitters in baseball Guerrero?


And what the fuck is Daubach thinking attempting a bunt in the 7th? Didn't he read the fucking SABR memo? [Laughs]


Arroyo to the pen and not Lowe? What kind of fucking strategy is that? Let's go with a four man rotation so we can maximize the number of D-Blowe starts? And I'm the one in therapy? [Laughs]


At times like these, if I had a wife, boy would I beat her. Didn't she ask for it? Wasn't she just begging for it?


Madness comes out of the cupboard like a mouse. I do not know how much longer I can last.



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