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Like a 3 a.m. bug

The Red Sox take 2-3 from the Phillies over the weekend …

So two out of three ain't bad?


Could be worse, but I wouldn't set the Tivo to record October baseball just yet. [Laughs]


Six behind the Yankees in the loss column, four ahead of the Devil Rays … Sadness drips like water beads in a half-poisoned well.


My fucking hopes are narrowing down, narrowing down toward almost nothing …


I'm like a bug in the bathroom when you flick on the lightswitch at 3 a.m.


Author's Notes
The final 3 speeches (beginning with "Sadness drips" are from the Charles Bukowski poem "Straight on Through." In particular I love the "half-poisoned well" line from Bukowski as it mirrors the whole glass half-full, glass half-empty bit comparing optimists and pessimists which is such a major part of being a Red Sox fan, i.e., what are you, optimist or pessimist, on any given day?


The 5-6-7 hitters have a "combined" SLG in the .400s? Maybe "average", but not "combined".

Re "combined" I got that directly from Pinto's site.


Not saying it's correct, just passing the buck.

An optimist or pessimist on any given day? Is there really a distinction between the two when you're a Red Sox fan?

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