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Lay down and wait like an animal

The Red Sox had a rare Thursday off to travel to Kansas City whom they face tonight …

How'd the night off treat you? Help you ease into the reality of Angels annunciation that they're the better club?


Fuck, yeah, I'm as content as a redneck with his Christmas lights up year round. If you need holiday lightage in July, I'm your fucking man!


Here's a suggestion for the Orioles: Just go the fuck ahead and forfeit your remaining games with the Yankees and save everyone the fucking trouble.


Fuck, yeah, then the Baltimore teabaggers can be rested and ready to morph into the '27 Yankees when they play the Sox. [Laughs]


That fuck wad Mazzilli is so ready to replace Torre when he retires, he'll have his pinstriped butt cheeks on that Yankee bench while it's still warm from Torre's fat fucking ass.


No shit, he's probably already on the Spankee payroll.


Every mofo day folks are dying. Old folks, young folks, skinny and fat, ugly and pretty … So when the fuck is that old bastard Steinbrenner gonna kick it?


Where's the axman, where's it done?


I lay down. I lay down and wait like an animal.


Author's Notes
Two more Bukowski lifts today. The "axman" line is from "the passing of a dark gray moment" and the "lay down" is a variation from an intro to "It Catches My Heart …"


Wait wait... we can take days off before travelling across the country?

Thanks for working in my Mazzilli theory...can't believe that actually occurred to me before anyone else. I guess I should be officially worried!

AJM, Thank YOU for first dishing out that theory here. It's a good one.

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