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I hate second place more than any man.

Pedro is dominant again and Boston beats Los Angeles 4-1 …

Pedro seems back to his old self, Nomar is back like we've always remembered him, Nixon returns this week, interleague play goes well, hell, even D-Lowe has been impressive in this last two starts …


But you're wondering why you don't feel better than you do?


Absofuckinglutely. I don't know what it is … maybe it's knowing this team has yet to put together an extended win streak?


While the motherfucking Yankees have been on one hella extended winning streak since losing that April series to the Sox.


Exactly. We take two steps forward and two steps back …


And you know it ain't fiction just a natural fa-ct? [Laughs]


I can't sleep. Twitching in the sheets — to face the summer in second again …


That's clearly trouble.


I'm under this sheet thinking my nerves are hampered by history — the most memorable concern of our kind is the guts it takes to face the summer again.


Dizzied by the almosts the ankles and the years …


I pull the sheets to my neck. I turn my ass to the wall. I hate second place more than any man.


Author's Notes
Much of Bill's speech is inspired and/or cribbed from Bukowski's poem "Nerves."


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