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Do I have to spell it out for you?

Even Curt Schilling's start wasn't enough to inspire the Red Sox to beat Colorado …

If Tampa Fucking Bay can go on a stinking winning streak, why can't we?


For fuck's sake, the hitherto doormat D-Rays have won 7 straight? Their best record ever after 62 games?


Hither-fucking-to-ta-loo, Baldelli's Beelzebub Rays are no longer in last place.


And the team with the second highest payroll in baseball is, what's the fucking word? … Languishing, that's it. Fucking sorry ass languishing, pooped out, wasted away … Where's that fucking spelling bee champ? [Affecting his voice to sound like a kid] "Can you use languish in sentence, please?"


Most certainly: "The sorry assed Red Sox continued to languish with the bases full and two outs, lowering their average in such situations to .122 (5 for 41)."


Are you saying the Red Sox are autochthonous to second place?


Like a motherfucking blood clot.



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