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Colorado Kool Aid

Interleague play continues, as the Red Sox head to Denver to face the Rockies …

Ah, Coors Field, where the air's so thin, even Cesar Crespo could go yard. [Laughs]


Yeah, and we get to see the pitchers swing the wood. Love that fucking shit.


Ah, right, you geriatrics can recall a nostalgic time before the DH arrived. How Norman Rockwell. [Laughs]


[Laughs] That's correct my labrose lad. And not only that, I remember when Coors beer was considered exotic, a symbol of status …


Get the fuck out! Coors beer? That rotgut?


I shit you not. It's the fucking premise that drives the movie Smokey and the Bandit.


Wait a fucking second … that movie had a plot? I thought its only point was to show car chases and boob shots of the young and frisky Sally Fields? [Laughs]


Fuck no, Bandit was some serious shit. A fucking Finnegan's Wake of the 70s. Jeez, next you'll be telling me that interleague play is a phony novelty, just another cynical gimmick to try to dupe the public into the ballpark. [Laughs]


Fuck that shit. I love interleague play even more than the return of that skanky Hilton slut on my widescreen.


Author's Notes
Bill's alludes to Joyce's Finnegan's Wake: "Maybe yu wouldn't mind talling us, my labrose lad …" and the idea comes from the Word of the Day email notice.


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