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Are you obsessed?

The Red Sox come off a discouraging 2 and 4 road trip …

Happy Fucking Summah. How's that solstice shit working out for you?


You kidding me? I love the longest day of the mofo year. All that light bringing everything into a curious sharp focus …


Looks like that douche bag ump Holbrook was blinded by the light.


The calliope crashed to the ground. The calliope crashed to the ground. [Laughs]


A 2 and 4 road trip is not what one would call being revved up like a motherfucking deuce.


Two and four don't getcha banging on the Yankees' door.


What are you obsessed by the Yankees or something? [Laughs] Haven't you heard, "Real Red Sox fans are sick and tired of this obsession with the Yankees … It's cheap and low-rent and makes us look like idiots."


Jeez, didn't Silva get the politically correct memo? You're not supposed to disparage the poor and the mentally challenged in public. For fuck's sake, is he retarded or something? [Laughs]


No, shit. His new bosses at Boston.com are gonna love that fucking shit. [Laughs]


Hey, I'm just glad as a motherfucker that I've graduated from our company's cocksucking sensitivity training seminar and learned to tone it the fuck down, learned to be mindful of the feelings of others. You want a sensitive, empowering, respectful work place? I am your bitch. [Laughs]



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