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An enormous rope of silence

After a promising holiday weekend taking 2 of 3 from the Mariners, the Red Sox get the bejezus beat out of them by a .500 at best Baltimore club …

I'm so glad this rain postponed game with the O's got made up when the Sox were healthy so we could kick the shit out of them.


Yeah, I love kicking back on 3 day weekend and watching the Sox take it to the teams without a winning record …Oh-my-god what the fuck can be done with Derek "I need a fucking lobotomy" Lowe?


No, shit. Put another burger on that Memorial Day grill and pass the potato salad while we stare mouth agape watching the nut job Vincent Van Lowe push his ERA to a lucky 13.00.


Love that official Red Sox spin saying "Lowe pitched better over the first five innings than he has in some time."


Note to Yawkey Way, last time I checked baseball is still a nine fucking inning pastime.


Meanwhile, there are no quick fixes. Can't dump Lowe cuz no one would want him. Kim is worse. Are you ready for Episode 4 of Lt. Frank Castillo: Mediocre Journeyman? I am so fucking morose, you know?


The branches break, the birds fall, the buildings burn …


Once more I find myself on a dark pier, holding an enormous rope of silence.


Author's Notes
Mike's "branches break" speech is the opening line in Charles Bukowski's poem "sunday before noon" from the collection Burning in Water Drowning in Flame. Circle's ending line is from Peter Everwine's poem 'Distance' in his new collection From the Meadows.


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