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Who you gonna call?

The Red Sox split the away series with Toronto 2-2 and get a much needed day of rest on Monday …

Sucks that both losses came behind Schilling and Martinez, but the Sox still have the best pitching numbers overall in the AL.



Yeah, Shank is our resident Ghostbuster. Always talking about disasters of Biblical proportions. Fire and brimstone. The dead rising from the graves.


[Imitating Bill Murray] Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together - mass hysteria. [Laughs] Is Shaughnessy the Gatekeeper?


Well, he is always sliming everybody. [Laughs]


Note to the Shank: Spend less time writing about the ghosts and goblins and more time, er, providing baseball news.


Yeah, Danno, no need to be afraid of ghosts when you've something of this world to be very afraid of: Steve Silva scooping your motherfucking freckled ass. Again! [Laughs]


Author's Notes
Today's dialog is a nod to the 80s movie Ghostbusters


Non-baseball tangents aside, he's been much less of an ass lately. He did a good job with the Youkilis story. I wonder how much of an effor it is for him to look on the bright side.

That's really true this season regarding the CHB. And when he's on, he is so very good.

Fun to pick on him, though. :)

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