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That oblong bit of deep fried joy

The Red Sox get lambasted by the A's 15-2 …

I can be noble in the face of an ass whooping. Just watch me. … See. Look, Ma, nothing broken.


Not to disrupt your little Buddha fantasy, but this was more than just your garden variety ho hum loss.


Yeah, Sidney "Super Size Me" Ponson sure is earning his 22.5 million. A regular fucking extra value meal that guy. [Laughs]


My hair hurts. Yet tomorrow is full of nods.


Hmmm … this optimism does not become you.


My previous statements were made in haste. I am hungry and confused. I need a cruller, you know? I love the cruller. Mankind craves the cruller after a 15-2 lashing. But noooo! Those punk ass bitches at Dunkin's stopped motherfucking making that oblong bit of deep fried joy.


You know who's to blame? Those effete pricks in Seattle that's who. Turning every decent God fearing red, white, and blue donut shop into a pussy whipped Starbucks. [Laughs]


I knew there's a reason why I hated Seattle. Fuck yeah. I've got your grande right here. Bring on Bitchiro.



[ tinfoil hat ] I don't trust Lee Mazzilli. He's a Noo Yawker through and through with deep MFY ties. You know he wants to succeed Torre as MFY manager. I wouldn't be shocked if he's got a side deal going with Steinbrenner for 3 years of laying down for them in order to get the dugout job in the Bronx. [ /tinfoil hat ]

your humor sucks and you are disgrace to red sox fans

Love that Mazzilli conspiracy theory.

As for, "Hoss," thanks for trolling on by! Love your email address, "boxsoxboy5." That's so cute. Does the "5" refer to your age or your IQ?

You, more than anyone, could use a good cruller. Know what I'm sayin'? Heh.

Well, for your next strip you get to discuss another Sox blowout...thank you DBlowe! And if the O's lay down again for the MFYs after starting out 4-2 against the Sox, my conspiracy theory starts to have some credibility.

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