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Curse of the John Kerry?

The Red Sox sweep a 3 game weekend series with the Blue Jays …

Pass the mustard, cuz we're on a roll!


Defense is solidifying. Offense now with an OPS 3rd overall. Fuck even Sopranos was its old good self last night!


Absolutely. I knew Adriana was so dead once I saw she'd be starring on the Joey crapfest in the fall, still it surprised the piss out of me when I realized what Sal was up to all driving her skanky ass out in the woods.


Love violence on TV. Love a sweep Toronto weekend. Love the Tizzle.


Didya see John Kerry was at the game?


Jeez, talk about your fucking curses! [Laughs] So far Kerry's campaign has been about as effective as Derek Jeter's .190 BA.


Unlike POTUS, though, dude can ride the fuck out of a bike. [Laughs]


Yeah, my Irish Catholic bro's got a mofo lock on the all important skinny guys with shaved legs wearing bright lycra voting block. [Laughs]


Let's see …NASCAR voting block versus skinny guys on bikes voting block … Whoo hoo! We're going to the World Series with JFK 2! Can't fucking wait for that shit. [Laughs]



I think you've called it. John Kerry has fucked us all.

Kerry ain't Irish, and he's barely Catholic. He strikes me as a Mets fan.

Boy. This post looks might-ass stupid right now, doesn't it?

John Kerry is the BOSOX's Good luck charm!

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