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Slip on down to the oasis

The Oakland A's arrive in town to start a 3 game series with the Sox …

So it's not enough that JFK2 has to ruin things by mixing politics with Red Sox baseball, now the InstaWingNut is doing it as well.


The Fucking Insta Pudnut is like one of those guys at Fenway talking on his cell phone on and on and you're thinking, "Does this dude ever shut the fuck up?"


So the A's come in on a 5 game winning streak and winners of 8 of their last 10 …


No problema. Schill on the hill tonight.


It's not tonight I'm worried about. [Sings with country twang] "I've got friends in Lowe places, when Derek let's them run the bases."


Whatever happened to Garth Brooks anyway? Didn't he go mental and change his name and shit?


Remember he's been doing those charity stunts with the teams during Spring Training?


Ah, right. He ever face Lowe? [Laughs] Don't tell me. I don't want to know.



this is a great strip.

still waiting on that cubs + sox world series in 2004.

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