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Resting but restive [updated]


[Pauses to consider] I'd of been happy with 9-8.


Absolutely. Going 10-7 would have been cause for celebration.


Yeah, 10 and 7 and Alexandra Kerry would be wearing the see through every day. [Laughs]



I like that sleepy, stoney, vague look Jenna has. I would like to ply her with drink and offer her good pills. And then we'd laugh and steal money from environmental groups which we'd spend on expensive designer clothes made in a sweatshop … Finally, we'd make our way to the Haliburton suite to fondle the hanging chad. [Laughs]


So if this were an election between the incumbent and presumptive first daughter challenger, you're going with Jenna Bush?


Faster than a Florida recount my good man. The Kerry chick, despite her impressive credentials, doesn't inspire me to wantonness.



Yeah, well, "mistakes were made," as they say. And when's the last time a World Series was decided on an error? [Laughs]


Author's Notes
Mike's first speech is pulled from a post by SoSH member "Eric Van" in the thread The Brutal Travel Schedule Will Even Out and Then Some.


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