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Just Act Naturally

The Sox lose 10-6 with a weak outing by B.K. Kim …

This team named after the indigenous peoples of the Americas is starting me on a trail of tears.


Sending McCarty to the plate against a Major League pitcher is like sending Custer to Wounded Knee. A massacre waiting to happen.


As horrible as the lineup is, 6 runs should win the game. B.K. is awful right now. At 82 MPH, his fastball is becoming an oxymoron. The Cleveland Native Americans are hitting it like a slow ballon.


Kim is a definite maybe. But is he old news?


As a starter he is found missing. A tragic comedy.


[Laughs] I'm clearly confused. Is he hurt? Or did the Red Sox just spend $10 million for pickled cabbage?


Bring on Arroyo! And bring on the memories of the beatings my mother used to give me.


Author's Notes:
It's an open secret that the character dialog is riddled with oxymoron examples.


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