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Humped about the head

The Red Sox end a homestand with a disappointing 3-3 split …

Live by the knuckleball, die by the knuckleball. Wake just didn't have it for the second outing in a row.


The dry splitter is an enigma. I can live with its inherent mysteriousness. What I can't resolve are 3rd base coaches with their heads up their ass.


No joke. Sveum sends Manny from 2nd on a weak single to left when Manny runs like a Sleestack?!?!?!?


No shit. Sveum is channeling Wendell Kim. Remember him? The Sox ought to gut their losses and just install one of those machines they use at the airport that randomly selects people for extra searching. Stop. Stop. Stop. Go. Stop. Go. [Laughs] Would have as much success.


And I heart David Ortiz, but why is he ever in the lineup against lefties?


Yeah, when I see him flailing around in desperation, I all of a sudden feel as if I'm being humped about the head by giggling eunuchs.


[Laughs] Ouch. Or maybe not. Does eunuch humpification about the head hurt or just annoy? Hey, you do your write in voting for the Ortizzle?


25 times from the IP here. 25 times at home. 25 times from Wholly Donut's WiFi … You?


Ditto, dude, though only with multiple email identities from home. I don't think they're IP checking.


Author's Notes
Mike's eunuchs line is taken from Letters to Wendy's04-28-97 entry.


I think they're going to take their chances with Ortiz until Burks gets well. He's got the one home run off a lefty.

True. Though I worry the one homer is sorta like McCarty's triple the other night.

Making the best of what we have though. Is Trot Nixon ever coming back? The news seems very dreary on his recovery.

Simply awesome comic. I love the early exchange between the Sox fan and the non Sox fan.

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