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Face Time

The Sox are unable to beat Kansas City on Sunday, losing 8 to 4 …

I'm confused. Todd Walker and Grady Little are gone, yet Derek Lowe still sucks?


Anyone still want to give this guy big bucks?


The Derek Lowe Face is back. The face that launched a thousand shits. [Laughs]


Lowe only has 15 strikeouts to go with 16 walks! What is he prepping to accompany an aborigine on a fucking walkabout?


And Mark Malaska is not the go to guy in the 6th inning of a close game. Francona is making poor decisions.


KC has their best batter up in a crucial spot, and Francona decides to go with the least reliable option in the bullpen?It's to the point where Francona needs two dwarves to follow him about and inquire endlessly into his bullpen philosophy. Or he needs a bench coach and a computer. Novel ideal, that. [Laughs]


Author's Notes
Ideas for this strip from the SoSH thread "Second Guesser's Club - KCR @ BOS Beltran and co.," notably the posts of "Nomar," "Rudy Pemberton," and "Grunherz54."


And a third dwarf to kick him in the nuts when he pulls crap like that....

Cool web site, Johnny.

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