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To Play, To Let Language Have Its Way

The Soxaholix are giddy as a pre-op transsexual upon getting his (er, her) first boobs …

Curt Mofo Schilling is the house!


C. Schilling (W, 1-0)  109P 6.0IP 6H 1ER 1BB 7K 1.50ERA. That's the way, uh-ha, uh-ha, I like it.


You worried about The Passion of the Damon?


Naw. The first shall be last and the last first.


Yes, let he who has never gone oh-for cast the first stone.


Moments later, the talk returns to Jello-gate …

So I'm thinking more and more about this Jello wrestling with Wonkette and Catalano


Yes! What a joy it is to be alive! To wake late in the morning and have cups and cups of coffee, and in the heightened blind pulse that follows to imagine hot blog babes in jello.


Imagine Catalano in Red Sox fan regalia, like the Red Sox ladies nightshirt?


Ah, yes. I'll add that to my hairy palm collection, but it'd be easier to get John Ashcroft in a teddy than getting Ms. "I hung out with Mickey Mantle" out of her raggedy pinstripes.


Yeah, unless she loses another bet … Heh heh.


Author's Notes:
Title of this post as well as Doug's "What a Joy …" speech are both references to Letter's to Wendy's, January 7, 1997.


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