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Pencil Thin Moustache

Nationally syndicated sportswriter Frank Deford pens an article critical of Sox fans …

Did you read Deford?


Yeah, he's got a point really about the so-called rivalry.


Agreed. But I've always hated him regardless.


What's up with that fucking little pencil thin moustache, the Boston Blackie kind?


No shit. And his sanctimonious little NPR bits?


"If I only had a pencil thin moustache, then I could do some cruisin' too."


Yeah, he says Red Sox fans babble?


Kettle, meet pot. Pot, kettle. He's really the Robert Fisk of sportswriters.


Does Fisk have a fucking little pencil thin moustache, a two toned regular carnival jacket, and an autographed picture of Andy Devine?


I've never seen Fisk, but this Deford looks sorta like a John Waters gone bad.


Yeah, like a John Waters after three weeks on a twinkie hamburger helper binge followed by two weeks on an Atkins diet.


Freaky. If Divine were on an Atkins diet could he/she still eat poop?


Dude, that is the question of the day. [Laughs]


Back to our man Frankie... Funny how the media creates and hypes and bears its proverbial Janet Jackson tit for the sake of the Yankees v Red Sox rivalry…


Then makes fun of or hand wrings over their own creation?




Loop the loop. Spin begets spin. Sugar makes you tired and hyper.


Red Sox forever.



Man, aren't you worried about David Rees suing the hell out of you?

Compared to the drivel expounded by 99.9% of typical sportscasters, DeFord understands why sport exists. He understnds much like Heywood Hale Broun.

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