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Chutes and Ladders

The Soxaholix love trade rumors …

You heard the Cleveland Indians have apparently had enough of Milton Bradley's 'antics'?


Yeah, Gammons is saying a trade in the next 72 hours.


I always liked Bradley and if we can get him cheaply, he might be worth taking.


For whom and for what?


I'm hearing the Passion of the Damon and a minor league prospect.


.321 /.421 /.501 last year in 377 at bats. 10 HR 56 RBI 17 steals … Bradley's only 25 years old. If he can get his act together, he has a great upside. Damon and a minor leaguer sounds fair especially with the $$$ you save … As long as the prospect isn't one of our untouchables.


Pinto says he's "Carl Everett without the talent." Ouch.


I can't speak to his mental stability. He may be another Jurassic Carl in the making, but Pinto's wrong to besmirch this kid's talent. Bradleys' plate discipline has increased linearly over the last three years. The breakout year he had last year was only a continuation of his increasing skill set. The fact that the guy is only 25 means that last year's success is only likely to continue, if not bloom into something more.


Agreed. Gotta run. The ol' Scrivener's gone mental over last quarter's earnings.


Pity us. Let the outsourcing to India commence forthwith. [Laughter]



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