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Hothouse Flowers

Another day, another dollar, deep in the bowels of a stately cubicle farm, somewhere in Boston, the natives are restless …

I say let Nomar play out this year, offer him good money (not top shelf), prepare for a great 2005 without him. If he wises up great.


Bottom line I agree, Bill, let Nomar play out 2004 and if he doesn't sign a reasonable extension spend the money on Renteria or someone else - Chavez if the A's don't extend? Pedro will seem more difficult to replace. Any ideas?


I think we have to consider the Nomar situation from a psychological standpoint, Doug. I wonder if something "upstairs" is to blame for his dropoff in September/postseason '03, not just his wrist?


Yeah, this psycho-jocko vulnerability is what I'm going to be looking out for in '04.


Reminds, me I figured out something from looking at a patch of flowers …


Oh, fucking a here we go!


I'm talking about how they face... Take a dafodil for instance.


Bill, you're scaring me, dude. [Laughs]


So these daffodils have to pick one spot, you know, not consciously but just in the what is of their flower essense, the one spot where they can, get the most sun.


And your incredibly belabored point is?


The flowers are a metaphor for how we, as people, have certain tendancies that you grow into. A sunflower can move in real time to catch the sun. A daffodil cannot. We are what we are. The Red Sox are the Red Sox, warts and all.


Kwai Fucking Chang Caine, eh? Take this motherfucking pebble you douche bag. [Bantering laughter] But I think I know what you're saying. If I were high on the chronic, I'd know better.


Heh heh …



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