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What is, has been already

Well, to everything there is a season...


A time of no fucking magma, a time of piling your fucking ass on the bandwagon...


A time for butt-fuck weekends, and magic motion fun cahds...


A time for dynamite in your teeth, a time for the sweet hair of groaning...



A trip down Memory Lane-seems like only yesterday. ;D

A time to enjoy the concept of knowing the MFYs tragic number is 1. So, if the A's or Royals win tonight...

Our King Solomon
Prepares for a fond farewell
Our lives are better

Our King Solomon
Gathers his trunks and women
Our lives are more full

Our King Solomon
Leaves behind only good will
Except for BigBri

I think I know where this is heading :(

" Not like this. Not like this..."
-- Switch, The Matrix, 1999


God, I remember so many of these strips. I can almost quote from "Pile your ass on this bandwagon" by heart.

My Petey senses are tingling.

Gold, baby. Solid Gold.

::cue Sid Vicious singing 'My Way'::

My, my that goes back to when I was a spry kitten, running about with youthful idiocy. Some things change, like my home, larger, more places to curl up and enjoy my superiority.
For the things that do not change. The butler's pessimism, born of half a human century plus of "misery", his "Why fucking bother?" attitude toward everything. But, he is so creepy that anything alive and aware is wary of him, just because...

I was surprised how few comments were on this Oct 2004 strips. I remember the comments blowing up around then.

We don't root for the laundry. HB, we root for the fans. We root for this.

The butler is basking in the knowledge the "MFY's" are out of the playoff picture. He is oddly happy, also squiffed, as he's had a few "cold ones".

I've lurked here forever, commented sparingly and Loved every damn second of it.

If the wheels are truly coming off the wagon, I can say it was a damn fine ride and I was happy to be a rider on the little Bandwagon that could here with HB and the misfit crew...

I got turned on to the Soxaholix by a link on The Red Seats page and loved every second of this clip art family. Long live our Laundry and three Titles in the last decade is a good showing for the lovable cast of losers we were for soooo damn long.

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