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Long weekend hangover

So did everyone have a nice Labah Day?


Absolutely. There's nothing I like more than taking a day of solidarity with organized labah by getting drunk and not working.


Meanwhile, formah socialist Rusney Castillo went to work ovah the weekend.


Looks like his bat is on strike.



Seriously, the Cuba Libre is definitely half-full.


Is that your third one?


Who's counting?



Let's see, started the weekend with a bottle of Myers 151, now have half a bottle. (That stuff goes a long way, used responsibly, so they say..)
My boss is, as always, relaxing in his corner. He is not in a commenting frame of mind. That and he's still angry over my watching NASCAR so much. But, it was better than enduring the sleeplessness cures called Sox games lately. Drinking is more fun with something on TV that gets your attention and can hold it.
That so few went to yesterday's game shows how little people in the Redneck Bay Area care about a slow, boring game between two slow, deathly boring teams.
I think I'll go sleep in a corner.

Worked through the whole thing -the joys of retail. Off today,though so look out!

Unofficial end of summer. No more summer Fridays. But on the bright side, it's so humid I have moss growing on my shirt.

It has been a while since my last update on the predictions. Everyone is eliminated except cmdrflake. Unless the team finishes 25-0, he is done with the next loss. In unrelated news, Carol Vadnais died Sunday at the age of 68.

Spent the weekend in Annapolis eating seafood and drinking. Didn't think about baseball once.

Watched some of yesterday's game. Yawn.

There's still baseball?

If you're in the Fenway area this month and need to wipe clean the team's performance, may I recommend the Citizen Public's Pickleback:

A shot of Tullamore Dew and a shot of pickle brine.

A few of those and you won't be thinking about the Red Sox for long.

This Colonic brought to you by Dr.Kaz ;)

I did not hear the Carol Vadnais news until yazbread's comment. Reminds me of the then very witty naming of the B's famous top 4 d-men...Bob & Carol & Ted & Dallas (if you don't the movie reference, you are not as old as me)

Kaz, there's a place in Plymouth that has the same thing except they use Jameson's... just sounds naaaasty if you ask me. I opted for the "Buzzard's Buck" (what else?)at Citizen last time I was there

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